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Another OC by ZeroZeroRen
Another OC
To "Say: I love you" this time
Nothing special, just training
PT OC: Deal by ZeroZeroRen
PT OC: Deal
I tried to explain Sauri`s new background through comics. My version, the version of "Forgotten Melody". So... Sauri and Mutho were living in a Fairy Tale Land (which was created by Drosselmayer as well). But the Tragedy Master urge Mutho to become a Prince for his new tale "Prince and Raven". Mutho was transported to Kinkan. He lost his heart, and his memories of his home as well. It happened more than 150 years before Ahiru became Tutu. Because she was not the only one Tutu... Several girls before her were transformed to Tutu to try to save Mutho. The Fairy tale always ended with tragedy: Tutu died, Mutho broke his heart again to protect Kinkan. But for a new version of Prince and Raven Drosselmayer decided to change something to add tragedy. He chose a duck to be Princess Tutu; he created Rue and Kraehe as a character; and he decided to throw Sauri (her actual name was Frida then) in. But he thought that he needs her as a child, not as adult that she was (in a Fairy Tale Land 10 years = 1 year in Kinkan). He came to her and offered a deal: she must turn back to a baby again and loose all her memories about her home to see Mutho again and help him. Drosselmayer told her that her feelings and memories about Mutho wouldn`t be touched. So... She agreed. 
Drosselmayer took her (now a baby) to Kinkan and left near one family`s house. This was a young married couple, who can`t have kids. Their names were Alissia and Roger Moriko... And they took the baby, call her Sauri, and took care of her until their death (she was 6). All her memories were kept in her pendant... Once (she was 10) she accidentally took it and remembered all her previous life. And started to try to find Mutho... 
I WANT MORE AUTOR+SAURI, I know it`s embarrassing, but I really do Yawn  
PT OC: Distructed by ZeroZeroRen
PT OC: Distructed
And after this Autor couldn`t remember what he wanted to say for a very long time

There is an art in process, much more serious (I decided to change almost all about Sauri`s pre-history in our fairy tale: I figured out much better way to explain her and her feelings and her role in the fairy tale (Hello, Drosselmayer))
PT OC: Kiss? by ZeroZeroRen
PT OC: Kiss?
Tried to use different color scheme today
I always feel embarrassed when I draw them together. As soon as so many people ship Autor with Pique...((( Feel guilty... 


Artist | Hobbyist | Other
Current Residence: my house, of course
Favourite genre of music: Rock, metall
Favourite photographer: None
Favourite cartoon character: Autor from "Princess Tutu"
Thank you
I`m really surprised O_0 Srsly. 

But oh well =) 

1.- You must posts these rules.
2.- Each person has to share 10 things about them
3.- Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer
4.- Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal
5.- Go to their page to inform them they are tagged (we have mentions now, using that)
6.- Not something like " you are tagged if you read that"
7.- You have to legitimately tag 10 people
8.- No tag-backs (just too bad!) 
9.- You can't say that you don't do tags.
10 things about me: 
1) I love to wear menswear. Because it`s extremely comfortable! I`ve got 4 or 5 men`s t-shirts, 2 shirts and 1 pullover, and mostly I took them from my big brother, BF and dad, which means it`s bigger than me for 2-3 sizes Meow :3
2) I`m really huggy. As huggy that my group-mates are calling me "Hugmachine" Glomp!
3) My hobby is making handmade jewelry of plastic. 
4) I can`t live without my walkman, it has to be always in my pocket. Once I forgot to get it on vacation, and it ruined it for me!
5) My favorite word in English is "responsibilityXD 
6) People think I`m funny when I`m angry. And it makes me just angrier I am PISSED OFF! 
7) I don`t know what I will do for life, even though I`m almost 20.
8) I`m not even 20 jet, but I`m going to marry in a year or two :happybounce: 
9) I`m allergic to cats. BUT I LOVE CATS SO MUCH Lonely Nuu 
10) I`m bad in English, and it`s very embarrassing for me Facepalm 

_______________________________________________________ `s questions:

1. Describe yourself in ONE word.  
Lazy  :D (Big Grin)   

2. What kind of books do you like to read?
I like psychological novels. And sometimes some funny and sarcastic fantasy I am a dummy!

3. What's your favorite color and why?
Yellow, I guess. And violet. Yellow is sunny ^^ And violet is graceful and reminds me of someone I love

4. What is your scariest nightmare ever?
The one where I married my German  professor and had to share bed with him. And he was naked I think I've fainted. I just wish to forget it! 

5. Do you believe in mythical creatures like fairies and goblins?
I do believe! I am just sure they are hiding from people

6. Favorite season?
Winter! No nasty insects, but lots of fluffy snow! Heart

7. What's your dream vacation?
A whole month in Greece! A week to lie on the beach and three weeks to visit all interesting places

8. Favorite couple?
Fakiru, of course! And Tamaki/Haruhi on a second place La la la la

9. Who is your idol and why?
My mother! Because she is the most honest, kind and strong person I know

10. If you have opportunity to meet a celebrity (but only ONE), who would it be? (Use the DeLorean if you would like to travel back in time) 
It would be Terry Pratchett, I guess =) 
My questions:
1) If you were an animal, which and why would you be?

2) What`s your favorite place?

3) Have you ever seen My little pony? Woohooooo!

4) How do you feel about tickling? Feels awful? Funny? Somehow else?

5) How many languages do you know? 

6) Which materials do you use for drawing?

7) What`s your hobby?

8) Do you have very special someone?

9) Do you sleep with toy? Wink/Razz

10) Are you a shipper? What are your favorite shippings? Name 3! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Tag you!

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